Growing regenerative  impact

Our mission is to support farmers to transition and food companies and retailers to source sustainably grown food.

We develop and scale business solutions to increase the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices across the food system.

We partner with global technology and local agricultural services providers to share knowledge and support farmers on their regen journey.

We also provide farmers with access to regenerative products, services, finance and markets to increase the financial sustainability of their operations.

We work with agribusinesses and food manufacturers to support their sustainability, social impact and climate change ESG goals through verified input sourcing.

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woman in pink shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown rock near river during daytime

Supporting sustainable, climate positive food production.

Following extensive research and an ever-expanding network of pioneering advisors and partners, the Regen-Carbon team brings the best global resources to local farmers, FMCG, Retail and Agribusiness companies on the continent.


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